Need help with buying or selling commodity’s or products worldwide?

Trade Agent Services

Our trade agent service company TradeCentre Sweden AB, connect manufacturers of products to buyers or vice versa, on a global market. We work from the north of Sweden, one of the safest and secure countries in the world when it comes to reliable business.

Read more about us on our web, or check our brochure here: TradeCentre pdf

No matter if it’s within commodity’s such as oil, wood/birch, barbecue coal, timber, saffron, soap, metals or different kind of high volume products we will support with the best service and source for the best price, quality for the trade.

Our quality assured trading process creates great business for both buyer and seller.

We have:

• Vast experience of trading all over the world
• Extensive negotiation skills in many markets and continents.
• Big network of support functions to realize the deals
• High business moral, we never tamper with honesty and ethics.
• Close cooperation with forwarders who can help with freight, custom clearence etc.

Procurement procedure in a summary:

1. The buyer provides us with the requirements such as product, quantity, specifications, price etc. (Letter of Interest)
2. We validate our agent service through an agreement.
3. We also need a proof of funds, signed from your bank or a A Swift Message Type 199.
4. We will source for the goods and reply with a quotation regarding the product, payment terms, transportation etc. along with a sellers information sheet.
5. The Seller will issue a Pro‐Forma Commercial Invoice (CI). The buyer signs CI followed by the Seller.
6. Buyer issue payment guarantee either by a Standby L/C, payment in advance (Advanced payment Guarantee), escrow account, ordinary L/C or Revolving L/C.
7. We will charge our agent fee.
8. Buyer pays when receiving “Final Commercial Invoice”.
9. Transportation is scheduled.

Reliable traders

Our network of agents worldwide are all very commited and have been undertaken our trade agent policy and program.

We never compromise when it comes to quality and reliability. Therefore our clients and partners over they year have been both goverments, embasys and public companies etc.

We work under the juristiction of Sweden and we often teem up with embassys, Chamber of Commerce and Goverment Business Organisations around the globe. Please contact us if you want tome references.